Only you can save the world... or destroy it.

Sorcerer King is a new fantasy strategy game from the makers of Galactic Civilizations. RPG meets 4X strategy as you build your empire and take on the malevolent Sorcerer King.

Ascension Victory

Collect the shards and cast the Spell of Ascendancy to become a god.

New Factions

Play as Bazaal the Dwarven King or as Valemor the Archmage.

New Lieutenants

Face down a shadow dragon, a crystal serpent, and a great bird.

New Quests

Experience new adventure and gather ingredients to craft weapons, armor and more.

New Quest Editor

Write your own adventures with the user friendly quest editor.

Steam Workshop

Share your creations with the rest of the world or download new maps and quests created by others.

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